Let’s begin at the beginning. Ramsbottom is an amazing place to live.

In April 2015, a small group of local people (who had individually all figured this out) met to discuss the possibility of forming a group which would be designed to bring our small but perfectly formed community even closer together.

Whether it be through classes, events, skills sharing, the arts or anything else that sprang to mind, the idea was that we could all do our bit to help make our town even better.

Right from the very beginning we agreed on six key words that would guide us through each project we undertook. These were –

Contribute, Collaborate, Cooperate, Community, Cohesion, Creativity

Everything we are about stems from these six words and so far, they’ve served us pretty well!

In the short term, the hub will be looking to bring a network of the existing local groups together to share their skills and experience, as well as running our own events to help promote our town, the brilliant people that live inside it and the amazing work they all do.

In the months and years to come, we hope that we will be able to provide a space for people in our community to meet together, share a space, give a little of whatever they have to offer and build an even stronger sense of community spirit.

We are not a closed shop, we are open to everyone, so please do get in contact, get engaged, get involved!

Ramsbottom Community Hub – 2015