Q. How can I get involved?

A. The easiest way is to join our Facebook Group and attend one of the monthly meetings.

Q. I’ve got a brilliant idea for a project, how can I get your attention?

A. Fantastic! You’re our kind of person. If you have Facebook, please join the Facebook Group where we post various topics in the interim of getting this site finalised. Take a look at when our next meeting is, and come along. We’d love to have you and the tea and cakes aren’t at all bad (see below).

Q. I’m an amazing baker, Mary Berry has nothing on me, can I bring my delights to a meeting?

A. Well, how could we possibly say no to that? The schedule for our next meeting is currently being communicated via the Facebook Group and our Twitter Account.

Q. Do I have to come to every meeting?

A. Not at all, minutes for each meeting are recorded so you can catch up on them at a later date if you like. In addition, if you can only make the meeting for a short period of time, feel free to come along for whatever time you can.